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Energy Management for truckers fuel

Drive slow to Save Lots Of Energy X factor, reduce your carbon footprint!

SAVE $100 a day on fuel OTR!

Driving at 55 MPH will save about 35% of fuel as opposed driving at 65 MPH for most new energy efficient tractor/trailers.

The main reason for this great disparity in fuel consumption at the slower speed, is due to wind resistance, on the tractor and the trailer. 

The weight of the load plays a small factor in this regard on long hauls, because in most cases, climbing hills and grades, present downhill experience on the other side, which will give you the opportunity to slingshot and feather your engine brake.


When driving at 55 MPH you are much safer, due to the fact that other tractor/trailers will be able to pass you quicker, and you will not be tailgating anyone. Most construction zones require 55 MPH, so you will not be speeding in these areas. It is much safer driving 55 MPH on snow and icy roadways. (California require all tractor/trailers not to exceed 55 MPH.)


Slingshotting is using the momentum generated with the heavy load on the downhill, to propel you uphill on the other side of the valley or rolling hills.

In using the slingshot effectively, you need to let your downhill speed go to the posted speed limit.

Whenever the load is heavy, say about 30,000 pounds to 46,000 pounds, the effect of the slingshot is much greater.


Feathering is using the engine brake on the downhill to match the terrain grade, such as feather position 1 would be for shallow down grade, and feather position 3 used for steep downhill, and feather position 2 for those that are in-between.

When feathering is done efficiently your average speed will be much greater than 55 MPH, since climbing at about 50 MPH and downhill at about 70 MPH.


Shadowing your gas pedal, to go faster on the down grades, will increase your average speed to about 60 MPH. This is used when an appointment is scheduled, and you need to go faster, without giving up your fuel savings. To shadow your gas pedal on the down grades, turn on Fuel Data display, and press the gas pedal only when the Fuel Data display is showing more than 9 MPG, and try to keep you MPG, between 9 and 10 MPG.


The maintenance cost on brakes and tyres will be greatly reduced.

Driver Training

Michael Payton Stewart CEO of Alpha Pulse Inc., and former owner/operator of trucks, and is in Energy Management for over 30 years, will train and motivate drivers remotely. Fuel saving of 20% to 40%, up to 11.0 MPG.

I will work as a volunteer for 3 months, and will not accept donations or gifts, because I want to reduce the Carbon Footprint.